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Air Arabia
Aircraft licensed Engineer-A318 (CFM56)

About the job The purpose of this role is to be the Certifying Engineer with an A318 VVIP operator based in the UAE (Sharjah). This Engineer will be directly responsible for all of the maintenance activity on the aircraft and work very closely with ...
30.Apr.2015, HUB: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Air Arabia
Structures and Composites Engineer

The purpose of this role is to assist the supervisor to update component status and report to the Workshop Supervisor, ensure delivery on time and maintain highest quality standards including SH& E standards. Key responsibilities: ...
30.Apr.2015, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Air Arabia
Aircraft licensed Engineer-Sialkot, Pakistan

About the job Based in Sialkot, Pakistan, the purpose of this role is to perform routine and non-routine maintenance on ABY and 3rd party aircraft without violating safety and quality standards in a cost-effective manner. Key responsibilities: ...
30.Apr.2015, Sialkot, Pakistan
Gama Aviation
Certification Verification Engineer–Mechanical Design

Position: Certification Verification Engineer – Mechanical Design / Location: Fairoaks Airport, UK / Salary: £40,000 – £50,000 / Job Information: The Certification Verification Engineer (CVE) at Gama is primarily responsible for the ...
28.Apr.2015, Fairoaks Airport, UK
Gama Aviation
Certification Engineer

The Certification Engineer is responsible for a variety of tasks associated with the preparation of various aspects of design and certification data in support of the companies EASA Part 21 Subpart J and MAA DAOS design organisation approvals. Ma...
20.Feb.2015, Fairoaks, UK

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