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Airlines - Aviation Maintenance


Air Arabia

Purpose This role is responsible for providing all activities concerned with the tasks planning including maintenance package, records and Material Planning. Main Responsibilities • Maintain a system of monitoring and control of Air Arabia A3...
06.Feb.2014, HUB: Sharjah
Air Arabia

The purpose of this role is to ensure defects are rectified on time and as per procedures and G9 quality standards. Main Responsibilities • Reports to Manager MCC & Outstation and is responsible for the control of ABY aircraft defects, whet...
06.Feb.2014, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Air Arabia
Aircraft licensed engineer (required b1 or b2)

The purpose of this role is to perform routine and non-routine maintenance on ABY and 3rd party aircraft in without violating safety and quality standards in a cost-effective manner. Main Responsibilities • Carries out maintenance on ABY and 3r...
06.Feb.2014, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer CAT S

FUNCTION: Reporting to the Manager, Production. DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Repair aircraft structural issues such as damage, corrosion or wear Install or modify aircraft engines, mechanical, hydraulic, flight control, fuel and pneumatic sys...
05.Feb.2014, Toronto, ON, Canada
Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation

Wir sind ein expandierendes Luftfahrtunter- nehmen mit eigenem lizenziertem Instandhal- tungsbetrieb nach EASA-Part-145 und betrei- ben eine moderne Flotte von Geschäftsreise- Jets im Executive-Bereich. Unser hochwerti- ges Angebot ist stark ge...
27.Jan.2014, Baden-Airport, Rheinmünster,Germany

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