Career advice

As a starting point, remember that hundreds of other people may be applying for the same aviation position as you, and the employers and  recruiters can realistically only spend a short time going through each resume. So work hard to get all your best points across while being as clear and concise as possible, and remember to prioritise – so that the most important information isn’t left to the end. It’s useful to think of your CV as your own personal marketing tool. This is your chance to really sell yourself and communicate your skills and experience in the best possible light.

How to apply to be successful

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Your CV must be easy to read quickly, so make it uncluttered and eye-catching. With your layout, separate out the different sections and use clear section headings. Avoid long paragraphs and rambling sentences. It often helps to use bullet pointing to break up text into easily readable bite-sized chunks – you can provide a lot of information about your past engineering, IT or airline management experience this way.

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