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Welcome! We are happy to assist you in your search for talented professionals.

Whether you have immediate or more projected needs, resources will help you meet your hiring goals.
Award winning software JobiJobiHire  used by will dramatically reduce routine administration workloads, keeping track of all your vacancies and candidates, manage your recruitment process from application to interview.

 You will be able to use  all of the services listed below:

  • Seamlessly post your vacancies onto web site, where external and internal applicants can apply and upload their CV.
  • Select the number of days you want the job advert to be displayed on our site for.
  •  Applicant Tracking System.
  • Managing your candidates using our user friendly graphical tracking system.
  • With - Applicant Tracking System, you can source, track and hire the candidates more efficiently.
  • Search candidates based on location, work experience, and language proficiency.
  • Direct contact with candidates via skype, phone,  email or through our private internal messaging system.
  • Receive instant email notifications when candidates apply for jobs:

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