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VOR  Holdings

ROME INTERVIEWS - A319/320/321 Captain and First Officer Interviews for Asia

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VOR Holdings
Airlines - In Flight Staff


VOR Holdings will conduct interviews in Rome, Italy during the first week of July for A320 Captains and First Officers to fly in Asia. VOR Holdings provides crewmembers to 35 airlines in Asia.

Annual compensation ranges up to $312,000 USD with work schedules ranging from 6 months off per year to residence program.

Minimum requirements:

Under 63 for males and under 58 for females (airline requirement)

Captains: 3000 TT and 500 PIC hours in A319/320/321

First Officers: 1000 TT and >500 hours in A319/320/321 (PICUS not counted)

Contact us at to schedule your interview. Airline personnel will be present.


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