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VOR Holdings B737NG Captains (352,310 per year) - Montreal Interviews

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VOR Holdings
Airlines - In Flight Staff


VOR Holdings will conduct interviews for XiamenAir during mid-July in Montreal, Canada. XiamenAir has increased its pay to $352,310 USD per year! This is the highest paying flying job in China

XiamenAir currently has 157 aircraft comprised of 143 B737NG, 4 B757 and 10 B787 aircraft. The company has 45 B737 and 2 B787 aircraft on order.

The compensation (net amount received by pilot after taxes are paid in China by the airline) ranges up to $29,360 USD per month ($352,310 USD per year) for B737NG Captains at XiamenAir. This is actual take home pay!

XiamenAir offers the following work schedules:
- 42 days of annual leave
- 22 days ON, 8 days OFF or 44 days ON, 16 days OFF
- 19 days ON, 11 days OFF or 38 days ON, 22 days OFF
- 17 days ON, 13 days OFF or 34 days ON, 26 days OFF
- 30 days ON, 30 days OFF or 2 months ON, 2 months OFF


If you have at least 500 hours PIC in the B737NG or B737EFIS, 5,000 hours total time, 2,000 hours PIC time in multi-engine commercial jets and are under the age of 55 (may be waived by the airline).

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