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Airlines - Corporate Operations


Air Arabia


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Air Arabia
Airlines - Corporate Operations
United Arab Emirates, Hub Sharjah


About the Job

The purpose of this role is to oversee all aspects of Air Arabia daily operations at all the stations in Iran while monitoring, directing and controlling GSA staff and the GHA to ensure that:

All airport operations in all stations are operating efficiently and smoothly in accordance to the policies and procedures of Air Arabia and the Airport Authority in the respective stations.
All airport operations are being reviewed periodically and managed as per the standards of Air Arabia.
On-time performance of all Air Arabia flights is optimized at the stations.
Air Arabia stations operations are cost effective, safe and secure.

Key Accountabilities:

Ensure all day-to-day operational issues at all the stations including check-in, safety and security, disruption handling and service recovery is in accordance with the laid down procedure(s).
Represent Air Arabia ground operation in liaising with various authorities at the local and national level and oversee the efficiently of airport operations.
Issue instructive plan to Airport Managers in order to provide efficient Passenger Service.
Conduct briefing and debriefing to the Air Arabia (GSA) staff.
Protect the Financial Interest of the company.
Coordinate with RMGO and Flight Operations during disruption handling.
Maintain constant liaison with Air Arabia (GSA) staff and Flight Operations/MCC in the event of technical delay, obtain briefed details and implement the recovery plan given and keep RMGO appraised of the situation
Monitor service levels provided by all vendors and suggest action plans to improve service levels.
Investigate passenger complaint and prepare detailed report to RMGO.
Ensure Airport Managers have a current edition /revision of manuals and that they are readily available with all relevant offices and staff personnel.
Ensure appropriate information is provided to the local/national authority if required.
Ensure all advisories or circulars received from ground operations have been transmitted by the Airport Team to all relevant personnel.
Ensure the Airport Team reports all incidents/accidents to headquarters using the approved format and assist headquarters with further investigation.
Ensure the Airport Team reports all D.G related incidents to the necessary authorities and headquarters.
Ensure the Airport Team submits daily Flight Handling Reports, disruption reports and all other reports to headquarters without delay.
Liaise with local/national authorities and internal departments and initiate actions as and when required. Deal with passengers and other important issues on an exception basis.
Continuously promote the image of the company.
Analyze performance and delay reports; obtain reasons and find solutions to resolve recurring problems.
Provide proposals related to improvement and rectification of passenger service issues and refer to the relevant departments.
Accountable for airside safety and ramp handling.
Ensure that the Airport Team/GHA register baggage handling issues and enter the required data in the baggage handling system. If necessary, deal with passenger complaints in this regard.
Ensure the Airport Team/GHA monitor and trace lost baggage using baggage service system.
Ensure adherence of policies and procedure laid down in the station operation manual.
Conduct ground operation performance audit as and when required.
Ensure the Airport Team is collecting all excess baggage collections in order to achieve or surpass the target.
Any other administrative or operational functions that may be assigned by RMGO.
Note – The role defined here is not exhaustive and duties and responsibilities in line with the job function may be added from time to time.


Qualifications and Experience:

Be an Iranian National - but able to travel to and from the UAE (no visa issues).
Be well connected with government/ regulatory bodies and have experience with governmental affairs.
Be Influential with Police/ Security/ Customs/ Immigration and Airport Authorities.
Possess good negotiating skills.
Have a good command of written and spoken English.
Have knowledge of Iranian Airports and Airline Operations within the region.
Have good knowledge and experience of Ground Operations
Have experience of gaining overflying/landing/slot permissions.
Have good organizational skills/report writing.
Be willing to travel extensively within Iran.
Be able to analyse airline performance and obtain reasons and be able to seek solutions to prevent a recurrence.
Have experience of managing a team.

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